Loans – costs and requirements



Requirements to access the loan

Well, you should know if you can request the loan  with ample possibilities of obtaining a positive response from the company.

The requirements have two objectives: verify the identity and make sure that the applicant can return the loan.

Well, if you meet the following requirements, you can request a loan :

  1. Be of legal age (18 years old)
  2. Reside in Spain during the loan
  3. Have demonstrable income, such as a payroll, pension or unemployment subsidy
  4. Accept access to analyze your ability to pay
  5. Not having other current loans
  6. Have a mobile phone registered in your name
  7. Have a bank account in your name
  8. Have a credit or debit card

You must have clear observations:

  • It does not matter if you appear in list, as long as your debt is not bank or financial
  • The data that we will tell you later, will be confirmed by a phone call to your mobile
  • If you are a pensioner, you can apply for a loan
  • In your customer area, you can see the status of your application, loan and refund
  • will make a study of your credit history to know your ability to pay and your reputation

Loan Costs

Loan Costs

It’s time to talk about the price of the loan.

The price of a loan is somewhat complex to establish for two reasons: it is in the form of a percentage, and depends on the time and term of the loan, so it is very complicated.

For example: if you apply € 100 to 13 weeks, the fees will be € 55.74, representing an APR of 2229% per year. In this example you must return € 155.74.

If you request the same € 100 for 26 weeks, the fee goes up to € 92.40, and you must return € 192.40.