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Loans ranging 750 – 5000 euros


Thanks to loan providers, you have loans with various benefits . One of the first is that you decide how much money you are looking for. The amount you can choose ranges from 750 euros to 5,000 euros maximum.

What are the benefits and how to apply for the loan

Among the main benefits of applying for a loan is the option to send only a photo of the DNI at the time of making your request. This document is the only one that the company needs as a document to be able to give the loan without problem.

It is very important to have contact with you at all times, so the fact that you have a personal telephone is very important for the company. Through him, you will send all data and passwords to get any type of loan and if you want to get another credit over time, you can do without problem through your mobile phone.

You can give the phone with complete peace of mind, since they assure you that they will never use the phone for any advertising purpose .

Once the entity accepts your request, the next step is to sign the contract with them so that you can receive the credit in your bank account in a few minutes. It comes to your phone by mobile and you are the one who must read all the conditions that the company sends you and be sure that you have the appropriate solvency for the amount you must pay each month. On the other hand, you have the possibility of rejecting if you are not satisfied with a clause that you have added. Reading the contract does not commit you.

Once read the entire contract, you pass to the signature. This signature is made at the end of the contract in which a link will come . This link takes you directly to a page where you are informed that you have signed the contract and that in a few minutes you can enjoy the money in your account.


One of the first things you should know is that most loans are given without collateral, that is, the person who asks for a credit , whatever that is 750 or 5,000 euros, do not have to leave the company nothing as a guarantee , because the company gives them credit without any guarantee, except the client’s word.

This is very favorable for people who need a loan but do not know how to get it in a bank and entities that require you to leave something on account, like your car or your home. Other companies ask you as a guarantor to a friend and many times we will need to tell them that we are going to ask for a loan. , all this is solved, since you do not have to ask for any kind of credit and you can enjoy the benefits of having a credit of up to 5000 euros in your bank account in a few minutes.

If I have late payment problems, can I ask for a loan?

If I have late payment problems, can I ask for a loan?

Although grants credits with delinquency problems, it is true that in most cases you may not be granted credit , especially if they are very high debts or many debts to several companies. You must also take special care with the issue of credits, since the entity may deny you a credit if you already have another, outside the entity or with them.


Among the main differences that are found is that of the interests that are much better than those offered by other entities and banks. The interest rate offered by is much lower than any other type of loan. A good example of this is that if we ask for 3,000 euros and we want to return them to the entity within a year, the interest rate that you have to pay at the end of that year will be only 231 euros.

In case of delay, the company also has fairly low interest rates, in fact, the entity does not change the interest rate that it has to pay when the interest becomes delay expense.