“The Money Is Over!” – Do I really need to get a loan?

Just as a personal loan can give you peace of mind and serve as a tool for your financial recovery, it can be the trigger for more headaches. Whether this tool will be good or bad for you just depends on two things: realistic planning and discipline .

Without further ado, let’s get down to business: Today’s post will give you some tips and tools not to fall into the pitfalls of personal lending and to boost your financial situation . Come on!

Do I Really Want / Need a Personal Loan?


First of all, isn’t this tightening of the budget just a temporary thing, about two or three months old? Can’t hold the wave a little? Which do you prefer: spend a little bit of money now or pay interest over time?

Incidentally, sometimes cutting spending is not a problem. It is only to cut excesses and wastes that go unnoticed in the daily rush. Take a survey of your life and see where the money is running away!

In any case, only you, after reflecting on your situation, can come up with an answer to these questions. After all, each one knows the weight they can carry.

Special Case: Debt Refinancing


If you already have debt with very high interest rates (such as your credit card or overdraft), RUN AWAY!

“Ah, but talking is easy. How will I pay this debt ??

Making a personal loan! Usually personal loans have lower rates. Just to be aware, when you owe overdraft, you pay an average interest rate of 300% per year! When you “pay the minimum” on the credit card bill (the so-called revolving credit), the interest rates reach more than 400% per year !!!! (FOUR HUNDRED!)

Already the interest of personal credit are at 126% per year. It is still a very high rate, but it is already much lower than credit card nonsense. And also remember that this is an average: you can achieve higher or much lower rates than this.

Asking for credit card installments can also be a good option for braking the snowball. The average interest rate is 146% per year.

In any case, do a good price research first (click here to access our loan comparator) and talk to the bank. You can come to a good deal to refinance the old debt. Don’t be ashamed when it comes to your money: go to the agency and talk to a manager!

Banks sometimes have special conditions for clients who want to combine all debts into one loan. Besides being able to get a lower rate, it is much more convenient to pay everything in one ticket.

So if this is your situation, do not hesitate to make a new debt to pay off an old one. The principle is simple: if you can afford it cheaper, why pay more?


Fixed income investment

For those who want to invest and have a conservative profile, it is indicated the investment in fixed income, where it is possible to be certain of the return of the invested capital, as well as the period necessary to obtain the income. But where to apply? LCI, LCA, CBD or even in a fourth option? Today we present the different types of investment in fixed income. see reneelapalus.com for more notes

Pre and post-fixed investments

Pre and post-fixed investments

It should be noted that, on the face of it, the options are divided into two groups: pre and post-fixed investments. Check the details of each to choose the one that best meets your needs:

Pre-fixed: In this mode of investment in fixed income, the percentage of income is agreed in the hiring and does not suffer subsequent changes. That is, that is the title in which the company tells you that it will pay you 14% of what you invested, for example. Rain or shine at maturity you will receive this interest.

Calculated according to the bank indexes

Calculated according to the bank indexes

Postfixed: in this case the yield is calculated according to the bank indexes. The title pays a percentage of the CDI, for example (read here what this rate is). Example: It was agreed that you will receive 90% of the CDI and this rate is 14% per year. If at one year, the CDI is at 10%, the bank or company will pay you 90% of the new rate (10%) and no more than the old one (14%). The opposite (if the CDI rises) is also true.

Once you know the two types of investment in fixed income, now you know that every time you buy a bond will be like to loan to the bank, financial institution, government or some large private company. LCI, LCA, CDB, CRI, CRA, Debenture or FIDC, which helps when choosing the best investment according to your profile. If you are interested in Treasury Direct government bonds, read this post and ask your questions.

In order to know each of the fixed income investments in the private market we will detail the advantages and disadvantages of each below. Check-out!

1. LCI – Real Estate Credit Letter

1. LCI - Real Estate Credit Letter

Real estate financing is a banking product offered to individuals and companies interested in acquiring real estate for their own use or investment. This type of loan has a lower interest rate when compared to other forms of loan, this is because there are government programs to subsidize part of the financing and also because the property is alienated to the bank until the total discharge of the asset occurs.

After structuring the entire financing operation and formalizing the real estate loan, the bank creates a bond called LCI – Real Estate Credit Bonds and offers it to other investors. Thus, the bank or that institution can offer new loans to other stakeholders. There are fixed LCIs, but in general the banks offer the fixed investment, the one that pays you a percentage of the CDI.

It is worth remembering that the risks are low in this type of investment because the property is the guarantee, in addition, the FGC – Credit Guarantee Fund amounts to up to R $ 250 thousand in applications. Another great advantage is that this type of investment is exempt from Income Tax (IR).

2. LCA – Agribusiness Credit Letter

In this modality of investment, the agricultural producers need money to finance the vintages and gives them the guarantee of the own plantation. The advantages of LCA are very similar to the previous investment: FGC guarantees the same value of LCI applications (R $ 250 thousand) and there is also IR exemption for individuals. The only detail is the minimum investment amount stipulated in R $ 100 thousand, which may vary from bank to bank.

3. CDB – Certificate of Bank Deposit

Most of the people living in the United States have the same qualifications as those in the United States. CDBs may be the most basic form of this modality. An interesting detail is that you do not need to be an accountant to lend money to the bank, so you can get higher rates with smaller banks that have more difficulty in getting money.

Investing in smaller banks is a great option for those who want more profitability, but unfortunately the risks are proportional, it is not uncommon for smaller banks to have problems, as were the cases of banks Santos, Cruzeiro do Sul and Panamericano. However, it is worth emphasizing that there is a FGC guarantee for applications up to R $ 250 thousand.

In general, the CDB is also post-fixed, paying a percentage of the CDI rate.

4. CRI – Real Estate Receivables Certificate


The CRI is also tied to the real estate market, but refers only to the future flow of receiving a rental of a certain property for a present value. Usually, the values ​​of investments are high around R $ 300 thousand, but it is possible to find smaller values. The rates practiced are tied to inflation plus a real interest rate, exempting the investor from an inflationary risk.

This modality is exempt from IR, which makes it an attractive investment option, except for the lack of a sales market of these securities, which often makes the sale of securities before the maturity period impossible, and also because CRIs are not guaranteed by the FGC , but there are warranties agreed upon at the time of the purchase of the securities, which should be considered with caution.

The cheapest loans, without banks


Requirements to apply for your loan

Requirements to apply for your loan

One of the main things that you would probably like to know before considering a loan platform is the necessary requirements to apply for a loan.

loan providers as a completely serious company focused on its objective of offering good loans to its clients, evidently has unappealable conditions for its loans, which exist only to ensure that its clients manage to return the loan they have requested, and when requesting the loan. loan will not get into a financial bind.

Having said this, the applicant must cover four conditions to obtain a loan , which are the following:

  1. Have an age between 18 and 70 years (both included)
  2. Reside in Spain
  3. Not appear in any file of defaulters
  4. Can justify stable income

In addition, of course, a solvency study is added to these conditions, which is customized for each of the applicants, to ensure that the client has an adequate financial situation so that a loan is granted.

Interest rates 

The interest rates (TAE) offered on this platform are very varied, and depend on the amount of the amount you request and the term to pay with which you request your loan.

Even so, the interest rates that you will find are much lower than you would find in any type of bank or conventional loan providers entities, and this is due to 3 simple reasons.

  • Investors entrust their savings: Since the loans of this platform work thanks to the investment of different companies that are linked to the loan providers to finance the loans requested on the page, the rates are much less greedy for this same reason . Because when loan providers offers you a loan at 6% of APR, investors receive an approximate remuneration of 4.5%, this corresponds to a high remuneration, but lower than the profitability that banks and loan providers institutions expect when they grant a loan . And this is one of the main reasons why the rate is so low, at the next point you will know why.
  • They are a young and modern company: By making the most of new technologies and the Internet so that the loan process is fast and agile, does not need a luxurious office or banking agencies to maintain around the country. On the other hand, all its staff, which is located in Spain, can assist you by phone if you wish.
  • Its activity consists exclusively in granting loans and raising the investment to finance them: They do not carry out any type of separate financial activity that is complex or expensive. Therefore, operating expenses are vastly inferior to those of the competition.

To give you an example of how low are the interest rates in loan providers we will give you some examples using the loan simulator that you can find directly on the loan providers website , and with which you can give you an extremely accurate estimate of how many will be the interest that you will have to pay, depending on the amount and the term that you are thinking of paying.

Example No.1, Project: New car (€ 10,000)

  • Term: 24 months
  • Monthly fee: € 439.50
  • APR: 7.40%
  • Nominal interest (TIN): 5.18%
  • Total cost of the loan: € 548.00 (Interest on investors) + € 200.00 (Management fee) = € 748.00

Example No.2, Project: Furniture and appliances (€ 5,000)

  • Term: 24 months
  • Monthly fee: € 219.75
  • APR: 9.05%
  • Nominal interest (TIN): 5.18%
  • Total cost of the loan: € 274.00 (Interest on investors) + € 175.00 (Management fee) = € 748.00

Example No.3, Project: Wedding / Celebration (€ 15,000)

  • Term: 36 months
  • Monthly fee: € 453.96
  • APR: 6.87%
  • Nominal interest (TIN): 5.65%
  • Total cost of the loan: € 1,345.00 (Interest on investors) + € 225.00 (Management fee) = € 1,567.56

Example No.4, Project: Reforms (€ 20,000)

  • Term: 48 months
  • Monthly fee: € 470.85
  • APR: 6.99%
  • Nominal interest (TIN): 6.13%
  • Total cost of the loan: € 2,600.80 (Interest on investors) + € 250.00 (Management fee) = € 2,850.80

With these case examples of loan applications you could give an idea of ​​the interest rates that are charged in loan providers, and even one of the things that stand out is the amount of money they use as investment expenses, being very minimal the amount that the company keeps of your interests (around 200 euros in most cases) and the greater amount of interest goes to the investors. With this you can be clear about the importance of loan providers in being a company that offers attractive and fair interests for all its clients.



All about the loans – what you need to do

When we need money in a fast way for an unforeseen event, or when we have difficult financing from banks and other financial institutions, the immediate loan is a very important option to consider.

We must bear in mind that this financier works in a similar way to other loan companies, so we must make a comparison of which is the best based on their conditions.

How to request an instant loanTherefore, to request a loan you must follow the following steps:

It has a simulator that informs you of the conditions of the loan, and then fill out a form with which the pertinent checks will be made on whether you can receive the money.

Therefore, to request a loan you must follow the following steps:

Select the amount you need to receive. This can range from 50 to 600 euros, although the first loan can only be up to 300 euros. After returning the first loan, they offer you the possibility of having a greater amount of money, since you are considered a recurring customer.

Select the return period. You can choose a period of between 7 and 30 days. In addition, if you can not return the credit at the time of repayment, you can make an extension of this to extend the term and avoid default interest.

Once you have chosen the amount of the loan and how much time you will return it, you will have to fill in a form with your personal information. In addition, you will be asked to enter the data of your online banking , to verify that you are the owner of the bank account where the deposit is to be made and, therefore, the account where any charge will also be made. It is a completely secure process, but if you prefer you can send this information by email.

When you have completed all the data, almost instantaneously you will receive an SMS to your mobile and an email to your email informing you if you have been granted the money. In the event that the concession is positive, a verification code will be included that must be entered on the website (in the user area) to activate the credit and receive the money in your bank account.

Normally, the requested money will be received instantaneously, although some banks delay approving it between 24 and 48 hours.

How to return the loan

Once the expiration date of the immediate loan has arrived , the return of the total loan plus the corresponding interest must be made. This figure is completely clear at the time of agreeing the loan.

To return the credit we just have to make a bank transfer to one of the account numbers that are on your website. In the concept of income, so that there are no problems, “PAYMENT + DNI” of the applicant must appear. In this way know that this payment corresponds to your loan.

In the event that you can not return the credit within the established period, you can request an extension.

Requirements to have a loan

The requirements to have an immediate loan have nothing to do with those that you can ask in any bank, since we talk about another type of financing.

To get a credit you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have your residence in Spain.
  • Have an age between 21 and 70 years.
  • Outstanding debts must not exceed 1000 euros.
  • You must show that you get regular income to be able to face a possible credit.

Usually fulfilling these requirements the granting of credit is immediate, although you must pass a small internal risk analysis to be effective.

Interest of loans

The interest to pay for the quick microloans is clearly seen when you perform the loan simulation. Keep in mind that these types of loans are perfect for when we can not access a bank loan or do not have sufficient time and we need cash immediately. Otherwise, the conditions offered by banks are more favorable than those that can be given by any loan company, either or any other.

In any case, if you finally decide to apply for a loan , the interest rate that is applied is different depending on the amount requested and the return period. This interest ranges from 3752.37% APR, in the case of the credit of 600 euros to 30 days, to 7636.44% APR if we ask for 50 euros at 8 days for the return period.

In any case it is best to make a comparison in the simulator between the money that you are going to lend and the money that you will finally have to repay on the due date.



Apply for loan – quick tips


It has never been so easy to apply for a loan as up until now. If unforeseen circumstances have arisen in your life that need your immediate financial attention, it is very likely that the doubts of how and where to go to request a quick credit and without too much complication, go to your head.

Loan providers offers you the possibility of solving your financial problems in the fastest and easiest way. We work in the fastest way, so that your needs and monetary urgencies are not delayed too much and you can dispose of your money in the shortest possible time.

It is essential that a product of this type gives you confidence when hiring, and that is why we invite you to study the conditions and facilities that loan providers offers. We are leaders in loan concessions quickly and safely , with the total satisfaction of our customers.

How to apply for the loan

How to apply for the loan

Requesting a loan from providers is really easy and safe , since we do not want complicated procedures to slow down the solution of your economic problems . The simpler the steps are, the more security and speed to receive your money .

We summarize the three most important steps you must follow to request a loan :

  • As a customer requesting the loan , you must fill in the application form. To obtain this form, you can enter our web page and fill it out right there, or if you prefer, we can assist you by telephone, where we will take all your data that will be necessary for the application form.
  • As soon as we receive all your information, we will send you by email or other means, a supporting documentation, to verify that all the data of the applicant is true, for your own security.
  • After a few minutes, we will call you to confirm that your request has been accepted and the estimated period in which your money will be transferred to the indicated bank account.

Once we have your data in our files, it will not be necessary for us to provide it again, if you want another loan in the future. It would be as simple as communicating with us through any mechanical means (mobile message, email or ordinary mail), saying that you want another loan and you will only have to indicate how much and in what terms you need to return it.

Amounts and expenses of Subsidy


The loan lasts 15 or 30 days and you can only request one each time and in each family unit or address. Once you have finished returning it, you will be able to request another loan.

The amounts of loans range between 50 to 1000 euros.

Once the loan is approved, the lender will enter the amount requested in your account. Depending on the amount requested, the amount of expenses (process costs and management costs) will be different. You can calculate it with this table:



Loans – costs and requirements



Requirements to access the loan

Well, you should know if you can request the loan  with ample possibilities of obtaining a positive response from the company.

The requirements have two objectives: verify the identity and make sure that the applicant can return the loan.

Well, if you meet the following requirements, you can request a loan :

  1. Be of legal age (18 years old)
  2. Reside in Spain during the loan
  3. Have demonstrable income, such as a payroll, pension or unemployment subsidy
  4. Accept access to analyze your ability to pay
  5. Not having other current loans
  6. Have a mobile phone registered in your name
  7. Have a bank account in your name
  8. Have a credit or debit card

You must have clear observations:

  • It does not matter if you appear in list, as long as your debt is not bank or financial
  • The data that we will tell you later, will be confirmed by a phone call to your mobile
  • If you are a pensioner, you can apply for a loan
  • In your customer area, you can see the status of your application, loan and refund
  • will make a study of your credit history to know your ability to pay and your reputation

Loan Costs

Loan Costs

It’s time to talk about the price of the loan.

The price of a loan is somewhat complex to establish for two reasons: it is in the form of a percentage, and depends on the time and term of the loan, so it is very complicated.

For example: if you apply € 100 to 13 weeks, the fees will be € 55.74, representing an APR of 2229% per year. In this example you must return € 155.74.

If you request the same € 100 for 26 weeks, the fee goes up to € 92.40, and you must return € 192.40.



Loans ranging 750 – 5000 euros


Thanks to loan providers, you have loans with various benefits . One of the first is that you decide how much money you are looking for. The amount you can choose ranges from 750 euros to 5,000 euros maximum.

What are the benefits and how to apply for the loan

Among the main benefits of applying for a loan is the option to send only a photo of the DNI at the time of making your request. This document is the only one that the company needs as a document to be able to give the loan without problem.

It is very important to have contact with you at all times, so the fact that you have a personal telephone is very important for the company. Through him, you will send all data and passwords to get any type of loan and if you want to get another credit over time, you can do without problem through your mobile phone.

You can give the phone with complete peace of mind, since they assure you that they will never use the phone for any advertising purpose .

Once the entity accepts your request, the next step is to sign the contract with them so that you can receive the credit in your bank account in a few minutes. It comes to your phone by mobile and you are the one who must read all the conditions that the company sends you and be sure that you have the appropriate solvency for the amount you must pay each month. On the other hand, you have the possibility of rejecting if you are not satisfied with a clause that you have added. Reading the contract does not commit you.

Once read the entire contract, you pass to the signature. This signature is made at the end of the contract in which a link will come . This link takes you directly to a page where you are informed that you have signed the contract and that in a few minutes you can enjoy the money in your account.


One of the first things you should know is that most loans are given without collateral, that is, the person who asks for a credit , whatever that is 750 or 5,000 euros, do not have to leave the company nothing as a guarantee , because the company gives them credit without any guarantee, except the client’s word.

This is very favorable for people who need a loan but do not know how to get it in a bank and entities that require you to leave something on account, like your car or your home. Other companies ask you as a guarantor to a friend and many times we will need to tell them that we are going to ask for a loan. , all this is solved, since you do not have to ask for any kind of credit and you can enjoy the benefits of having a credit of up to 5000 euros in your bank account in a few minutes.

If I have late payment problems, can I ask for a loan?

If I have late payment problems, can I ask for a loan?

Although grants credits with delinquency problems, it is true that in most cases you may not be granted credit , especially if they are very high debts or many debts to several companies. You must also take special care with the issue of credits, since the entity may deny you a credit if you already have another, outside the entity or with them.


Among the main differences that are found is that of the interests that are much better than those offered by other entities and banks. The interest rate offered by is much lower than any other type of loan. A good example of this is that if we ask for 3,000 euros and we want to return them to the entity within a year, the interest rate that you have to pay at the end of that year will be only 231 euros.

In case of delay, the company also has fairly low interest rates, in fact, the entity does not change the interest rate that it has to pay when the interest becomes delay expense.